The Company

Dynamically in the lead

Focusing on luxury women’s clothing with the finest quality fur as their raw material, the PANIDIS Company is a dynamic presence in the sector. Its base is in Kastoria, where its state-of-the-art production factory, central offices and showroom are located.

PANIDIS was established in 1964 and has since maintained a steady upward course of development. Today it is a major player in its exclusive sphere of activity, the wholesale sector. At the same time, in response to the particular challenges of today, it continues to evolve rapidly.

The materials

Top-quality raw materials

The painstaking selection of pelts has been a major concern for the company from the out-set and the key to the success it has enjoyed up to the present. The point of reference for each collection bearing PANIDIS label is its top-quality raw materials such as mink, sable, catlynx and chinchilla. These outstanding pelts come from the most popular and reputable auction rooms of America, Canada, Russia and Copenhagen; names like American Legend, Fur Harvesters, Nafa, Kopenhagen Fur and Sojuzpushnina are the embodiment of classical luxury and a launching pad for every fashion creation.

The strong points

Emphasis and detail

If design is the ultimate pre-requisite of fashion, the correctly-cut pattern is a necessary condition. To cover both these needs, PANIDIS has established strategic collaborations with top Italian professionals, designers and pattern producers.

From the initial inspiration and design of the collection up to the finished result, nothing is left to chance. Every detail counts at every stage of the design and later in the procedure for the making of the garment. The company can thus guarantee that all creations bearing its label combine the best in design with perfection in production.

The products

Classy and classic

PANIDIS collections have established themselves in the minds of a demanding female public as being synonymous with classic femininity. Fur coats, tops, jackets and valuable creations are must-have trophies for the modern woman who loves the feel of fur and clothing propositions that stand the test of time. Particularly with regard to design, PANIDIS products rightly enjoy the reputation of being the all-time classic choice in wholesale circles and, by extension, in the eye of the consumer public they aim to please, while they also enjoy special respect and recognition more generally in the fur industry.

The targets

A business on course for development

With their sights set on an ever-more dynamic course for the company, people at PANIDIS have no time for complacency. In the knowledge that strong brands are built through constant support and the nurturing of consumer confidence, they have already devoted great attention to their after-sales service.

At the same time, they up-date their know-how, receive training, travel, invest in themselves and their company and seek out new paths of advancement in order to develop their products and services in untried directions.

PANIDIS, exploiting its long experience and inspired by contemporary challenges, is on a steady course towards the future.